How to fake looking awake. 

Happy Easter! I’m currently in self induced chocolate coma. What did your Easter involve?

After a busy day seeing all the family for Easter and capturing this one family photo, my husband commented, ‘you look good in this photo’. Aw, considering it was another restless night and a quick makeup application in the car I thought I’d share my small tricks to look fresh when you feel dead on your feet.

Firstly, concealer… I am currently using the NYX dark circle concealer with the orange pigment to counteract darkness and coconut oil, this product glides on and blends effortlessly, seriously, I use my finger. 

Next I use Maybelline dewy and smooth fit me foundation. Maybelline introduced the fit me ranges which hold colours to suit and compliment so many skin tones, it’s easy to work out your colour and use from the many foundation options.i just use a domed foundation brush and buff this into the skin. Applying more foundation through the centre of the face and blending into the hair line to give a more natural coverage.

Brows and lashes are next. Without these two products on I feel as though I’m a panda with no spots on its eyes. Google that and you’ll know what I mean. Most days I use the Maybelline brow satin in medium brown. With a define pencil, I can easily draw/pencil/feather look my browns into shape. A good black mascara coated on the top and lower lashes, paying particular attention to the outer third of my upper lashes to open my eyes more.

On these particular tired day I skip any form of eyeshadow but wear a stronger colour on my lips. I want to draw the attention from my eyes so I play up my lips. My current go to is NYX lip lingerie in embellishment. These lipstick glide on easily with the larger application sponge and dry to set. With long lasting staying results. Embellishment is a muted purple colour, it doesn’t give a POW colour to the lips but a very classic subtle bold lip as seen below. 
Nyx lip lingerie in embellishment

So that’s how I fake fresh looking on the outside, on the inside I’m a tired mess. lol.

What are your tips to looking rested? 

Josie Maran | Argan infinity 

This little baby has been hiding in the bottom of one of my bags, not anymore. The Josie Maran Argan infinity is a hydrating oil for your lips and cheeks. Using the smallest amounts (warning! Don’t squeeze the tube too hard) on the lips helps to hydrate, and give a tint of colour, even helping to manage dry lips.

For your cheeks, using a small amount, apply to the apples of your cheeks and using a stippling brush or your finger, distribute as you desire to give a subtle glow. 

For those of you who are prone to oily skin, you are still able to use this product, how great is that! Having the versatility of all seasons, I use it more on my lips in winter ( before it went MIA in the bag) and lips and cheeks in the summer months to really bring out a healthy summer glow. 

Pictured is the endless guava, with a delicious smell and taste, subtle pink colour and easy application, it’s become my daily obsession. 

But wait… There’s more…

It’s paraben free, organic and cruelty free. As they say, luxury with a conscious.

Straight hair with a brush? 

Do you know those days where time escapes you? Today was one of those days. 

With only 40 minutes to get myself and two babies ready I needed to find time somewhere.

A Remington hair straightener brush has been hiding in the downstairs bathroom for a few months now. (It’s my sisters, but she doesn’t use it, hey, time poor here) I decided to pull it out and see if I could brush and straighten my hair at the same time.

The brush is gold in colour and heavier than a normal straightener, with wide bristles through the middle and smaller bristle along the outside to help get as close to the hair line as possible. The power button allows you to control the temperature setting according to your hair type, I used it on the high setting.

It didn’t take long to heat up and I went straight to work, brushing you hair as per normal, I Found that holding the ends while brushing down works best, you can gather larger portions of hair at a time to work through. The bristles are not as hot to touch compared to if you touch the straightener element, cue less in a rush burns.

In five minutes I was able to finish my whole head and remove the ‘fluffy’ appearance of my hair and have a more soft smooth look. I found the results didn’t give the sleek straight look you can achieve with a normal straightening device, I’m sure you can quickly run a straightening iron through the ends to really pull the look together, but to use to smooth down hair I would recommend this.

Here is a before and afte.

Would I use it again? Yes! 

Is it worth the money? This one retails under $100, it’s a great item to have if you can afford it, it’s not something I would of personally gone out to buy for myself, but I’m glad I’ve tried it. 

Autumn eyes 

Autumn is here in Australia and it’s time to start wearing the Autumn warmer colour tones, think earth colours. Burnt orange, soft Browns, olive green and red undertone Browns.

The one thing I love with these colours is that you can enhance each eye colour depending on which colour you want to play on.

Blue eyes: use those burnt orange colours to make the blue eyes pop

Brown eyes: add a soft smokey green eye to capture the eyes

Hazel eyes: each colour will bring the eyes out, look to use those cream, golds and darker brown colours and add a soft brown powder line 

Green eyes: any colour that has a red undertone. 

This makeup starter kit from makeup geek, get it here will suit any eye colour. These nine colours can be worn day and night, from a more neutral work look to a smokey eye for a night eye. A perfect compact for your bag or clutch for those on the go on a busy Friday. 


Mac cosmetics has a great warmer neautral pallets with fifteen colours, mixing matte, shimmer and pearl colours. You can get it here. The top row can create the more warm winter looks.a great mix of transition colours and shimmer to pop on the centre of the eye lid. 

For a more budget savvy makeup gal, head here to morphe to get this affordable warm matte palette. With thirty five matte colours to choose from you can have a new look each day of Autumn.
Which one do you like best? I love the morphe kit, I can never get enough of warm matte shades. 


Gaia – belly butter 

It’s not often that I have a container that I use all the way to the end, I can’t recall I time I’ve finished a shampoo bottle (let’s be real, the conditioner also runs out way before the shampoo), but I was given this Gaia belly butter when I was pregnant. 

During my first pregnancy I woke up one morning past my due date and found stretch marks on my hips and stomach, it felt as though they came on overnight, being pregnant with twins the next time every told me to expect to stretch to the limit. I placed this  bottle next to the bed, I applied this religiously every night. Using a small amount in the palm of my hand I applied it from my hips to all over the stomach. It didn’t leave an oily feel and I could wear clothes on top without fear of stains or it sticking. 

Packed full of certified products, listed below;

Certified Organic Wheat Germ Oil

Certified Organic Shea Butter

Pure Cocoa Butter

Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

Certified Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

Natural Vitamin E

This cream did not disappoint. As mentioned I used it daily from about four months and a few weeks afterwards and found it lasted the duration.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone and on research and retails for around $15, any expecting mums to be or any baby shower gift ideas this is the one, it even reduce the appearance of decade old stretch marks.

Now I won’t be wearing a bikini anytime soon, but I am extremely satisfied with the results. (I did not gain any additional stretch marks) 

Three days before twins arrival

Sukin – hydrating facial masque

Do you have fifteen minutes spare? 

It’s not often my reply would be yes, today was my lucky day. Actually tonight, well a mixture of the two with the clock passing midnight whilst the sukin hydrating masque was on.While waiting for the twins to wake up for the next feeding time I managed to apply and remove this hydrating masque. 

Starting with a damp face and using my fingers, I applied this masque to my face and neck, waiting fifteen minutes before using a wash cloth to remove. This product is paraben free and mixed with mango seed butter, avocado oil for moisture and pineapple and papaya extracts for the complexion.

A creamy smell and with slight papaya underscents, this product feels soothing on the skin. Once it has dried, there’s a milky appearance in the areas that had a more concentrated amount. After it is removed the skin feels smooth, refreshed and hydrated and visibly smaller pores and  clearer complexion. I can even pass as someone who has slept more than 3 hours at a time. 

Is this worth a purchase? My answer is yes, and with plenty of product for multiple uses.

Have you tried the sukin hydrating masque before? 

Summer makeup essentials 

If you are living in Australia right now you would be feeling this heatwave. With temperatures reaching 42• (107 Fahrenheit) over the weekend, the weekend was for swimming, aircon and staying cool by any means possible.

The summer months makeup should be light weight, wearing a thicker base or a more full coverage look can enhance oil shine, foundation can move and have a cakey appearance and mascara can run, making your eyes look like a panda’s. Here are five products to use that will keep you looking put together all day long.

Laura Mercier – tinted moisturizer

Dry, flakey makeup? Using a tinted moisturizer like this one from Laura Mercier, which has an SPF of 20 and gives a lightweight yet flawless coverage allows your skin to breathe. Bask in the summer glow you have acquired from lounging pool and beach side and let your skin do the talking. The summer months are a great time to simplify your foundation routine, a little tinted moisturiser of blended concealar where needed is plenty.

If you are looking to stay outdoors all day, remember to apply suncream under your foundation as this is only SPF 20 protection.

Benefit – Hoola bronzer

Summer and bronzer go together. Using that lightweight base and showing off your skin bronzer brings out the where the sun naturally hits your face. The Hoola benefit gives a natural sun kissed look without being to0 dark and is easily blended out to appear natural. The compact is perfect to pack in your travel makeup bag and can be used on the cheeks, nose, temples and even as an eyeshadow.

Too faced – Shadow insurance

Worn alone or under eye shadow, the too faced primer is a must in the summer months or if you are looking to increase the longevity of your eyeshadow. Steering away from cream products on the lids in the heat as they can move about and break down the makeup. Using the Hoola bronzer to set and give a soft glow, to intensify the look, using a flat brush, push a darker matte brown or copper into the lash line.

Nivea – Strawberry fruity shine

Matte lips have been on trend for a while now, but on those hot summer days, opt to use a more subtle hint of colour lip balm or tint. You cannot overdo a tint or a balm and it will add hydration to the lips which gives a more full look. Dry or dehydrated lips can appear smaller in size.

Maybelline – Falsies Volumn express waterproof mascara

This is my tried and tested must have affordable waterproof mascara. Both the waterproof and normal mascara have been in my personal and working makeup kit over the years. The Maybelline falsies volumn mascara lifts and separates the lashes for a more full, glam look and with the waterproof it will stay all day, sweat and tears will not be moving this.


What are your summer makeup or beauty essentials?